Matthew S. Burke


Matthew S. Burke

Thank you for visiting my site. Hopefully, you're here to either offer me a job or have read my work and wanted to seek me out. Both are good. Or, possibly, you have read my work and hated it and wished to tell me yourself directly. In that case, thank you for reading my work... I guess... (no refunds)... sorry... 

Anyway, if you did come here to find out a bit about me, then here are some fun facts. I started writing creatively, mostly short poems, when I was a kid (they were pretty terrible) and started brainstorming ideas for video games right after I plugged in my N64. 

I graduated from Ohio University in 2014 with a degree in Communications and a focus on Games and Animation. I also spent a good deal (and still do) studying history because, to me, history is and always will be the greatest story ever told. 

The Glass Cannon is not the first book I've written, just the first I actually finished. I shot way too big on my first go, and would recommend to future writers or game designers to keep it simple at first. Focus on the core of the project and get it done!